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Salah (Prayers)
Fard Prayers:
Maghrib: Daily Evening Prayer


Maghrib is the fourth daily Salah in Islam, offered at sunset. The word maghrib is an Arabic term for "of the setting (sun)"; from the root "gharaba|غَرَبَ", "to set"; "to be hidden" (but it is not used for the setting of the moon). It is also used in a manner similar to the metaphorical use of "to be eclipsed", which is used in the English language.


Once the sun has completely set in the horizon till the sky turns completely dark for night.

Number of Rakahs

• 3 Fard
• 2 Sunnah after the 3 Fard


The time of Maghrib is considered to be when angels change, and so a time of blessing.

Video - How to pray

Other facts

The Maghrib prayer indicates the end of the daily Muslim obligatory fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.


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