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“Be conscious of Allah wherever you are.
Follow the bad deed with a good one to erase it,
and engage others with beautiful character.”

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

As one of the most misunderstood religions in modern times, Islam has come to be associated with many negative connotations, and media-coined terms such as ‘jihadists’ and ‘Islamists’ have those unfamiliar with Islam wondering what exactly Islam is.

This website is my personal project to help myself and others understand Islam better, a religion that has been here 1400 years and suddenly seems to have been taken over by ‘Muslims’ that think their extremist beliefs can represent the 1 billion + Muslims around the world.

This site is an ongoing personal project, along with my YouTube Quran videos, and I appreciate all the support and feedback I have received from all of you. I hope you find this site of some benefit and seek out on your own journey to discover Islam, instead of falling prey to what the media and some terrorists believe is the meaning of Islam.

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